Spiders, which are arachnids, differ from insects in several ways. The most distinguishing traits of spiders are their eight jointed legs and the ability to spin silk. Depending on the type, they feast on flies and other insects, garden pests and other spiders. Many species can live up to a year without food.

They are exceptionally good at hiding and are drawn to warm, dark, quiet places. Woodpiles, garages, attics, basements, closets and underneath furniture are ideal.

Below are some of the spiders that are common to our area:

California Trapdoors

Having thick legs and bodies, they are similar in appearance to tarantulas. However, they are hairless and shiny. They are usually brown or black and measure from 1 to 3 centimeters in length. Trapdoor spiders burrow underground near vegetation and spin silk doors with hinges for protection.

Brown Recluses

Also known as fiddle-back spiders, they bear a distinctive violin-shaped marking. They range in color from tawny to light brown. Measured from their greatest leg span, brown recluses are about the size of a quarter. They like warm, dimly lit spots with little human traffic.

Yellow Sacs

Yellow sacs are usually pale beige or yellow with brown-tipped legs. Inside homes, they tend to head for high spots. You may encounter them while gardening since outdoor pests are a popular food source. Yellow sacs are more aggressive toward humans than most other spiders.

Black Widows

With their striking jet black color and iconic red hourglass marking, black widows may be the most easily recognizable spiders. They seek sheltered areas in which to spin asymmetrical webs, and they hang upside down while waiting for prey.

Long-Legged Sacs

These spiders are almost translucent. They may be white, yellow or pale green. They’re fond of homes, and they seek covered places or ceiling corners.

Spiders are difficult to eliminate because they are accomplished camouflage artists. If you occasionally see spiders in your house, be sure that doors and windows are properly screened and sealed. Declutter areas that make good hiding places. Vacuum regularly. Treat for insects to limit spiders’ food supply.

Spiders can be dangerous to humans, however, and serious infestation is a job for professionals.

Spider bites are usually painful. The effects range from redness and swelling to serious health problems like nausea, shortness of breath, muscle aches or infection. The venom of a brown recluse can do serious tissue damage or even threaten internal organs.

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