Santa Ana, CA is Orange County’s second-biggest city by population, and it has a rich backstory filled with culture, industry, and business. As you might expect of any historically popular area, the city also has a problem with unwanted residents. Pests like termites love the moist Santa Ana River, and the low, flat geography that makes it easy for people to get around also caters to a host of other species.

Few things are worse than turning a corner in your Southern California home or business only to discover the unmistakable signs of an infestation. What’s more, by the time you find a few stragglers, there are usually many more hiding just out of sight. These undesirables can throw your life into complete disarray:

  • Making your business unattractive
  • Compromising the structural integrity and resale value of your property
  • Ruining company supplies, products or equipment
  • Spreading diseases and contributing to poor health

How will you stop your infestation?

The smartest way to deal with pests is to choose an option that helps you stop them before they become a problem. This requires a proactive approach to control and a qualified treatment partner. Here are a few possible solutions.

Residential Pest Services

Booking residential pest services is an important part of being a responsible homeowner. In addition to protecting your own property, your choice to treat your home using extermination techniques that comply with EPA laws and regulations safeguards your neighbors, pets, and children.

Effective residential pest services also ensure that your home doesn’t become the jumping-off point for a neighborhood-wide infestation. Pick a skilled provider that can help you take advantage of non-chemical options and perform thorough inspections.

Commercial Pest Services

When you run a business, you’re responsible for more than just making a profit. Commercial pest control lets you preserve the lasting health of your staff members and patrons.

Business architecture commonly includes large crawl spaces and other areas that pests find attractive. Always find a service that pays attention to detail and offers custom treatment options geared towards your unique location.

Bed Bug Control

The fact that you have bed bugs doesn’t necessarily mean that your personal hygiene is lacking. These insects might come from hotel rooms, public spaces, and even your house guests. Once they take up residence in your property, however, they can make your life miserable.

Treating your bedding, clothing, and baggage is a good start, but it’s critical to have your entire home assessed. Choose a service that can help you beat bed bugs by any means necessary regardless whether they spray, steam or apply intense heat treatments.

Termite Control

Termites may not hurt people, pets or food supplies, but they can utterly destroy buildings. Because they consume wood and other organic materials, they’re one of the typical Southern California property owner’s worst nightmares.

No two insect colonies are the same, so the solution that works best for your next-door neighbor may not suit your property. Always look for companies that provide custom plans, repair damage and offer free return services if the termites come back.

You Don’t Have to Settle for Pests

You pay enough for the privilege of living in sunny Santa Ana, so why should you also have to foot the bill for freeloading vermin? Premium TPC has the experience to help you permanently evict roaches, rodents, termites, bed bugs and other problems. Stop your infestations by calling 888-464-5564 for a free assessment today.

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