San Fernando sits in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and is home to many residents who enjoy the weather and the excitement of living in Southern California. With sunny weather for most of the year, people head outdoors to barbecue in their backyards, to go hiking in the nearby mountains or to head to the ocean for a day on the beach. The climate here is also perfect for pest insects and rodents, which often find ways inside homes and businesses.

Residential Pest Control

Homes should feel cozy and relaxing, but it’s hard to unwind when you’re battling roaches, rodents, and other invasive pests. Cracks and gaps around the foundation and windows act as perfect entryways for pests to come in and infest your space. No matter if it’s a spider infestation or silverfish, bed bugs, and roaches, it’s a good idea to handle the problem right away before the situation gets worse. Our technicians can eliminate any infestation and prevent another one from occurring.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests also infest businesses every day across San Fernando. They ruin the customers’ experience and threaten your overall sales. Depending on the pest infestation, it can cause your business to shut down if the pests overrun the kitchen and other interior spaces. Rodents, bed bugs, and roaches are some of the most common pests that infest businesses in the city. Our trained technicians will eliminate the pests, search the property for pest entry points and seal them to prevent future infestations.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs feed on blood and infest living and working spaces. They can also infest public transportation and hitch rides on clothing and luggage to another destination. These pests breed quickly and can spread throughout a home or a business in a matter of weeks. Without professional pest control, you could have a serious infestation on your hands. Our licensed technicians can eliminate bed bugs successfully using the latest treatments and help you to prevent another infestation.

Termite Control

Termites eat away at homes and businesses throughout San Fernando, costing residents and business owners thousands of dollars in repairs. They invade structures through cracks and crevices and build their colonies on the inside. After some time, these insects will weaken the structure until it collapses. Our experienced technicians will not only eliminate the termite infestation but also set up a routine management program to keep them off your property.

Affordable San Fernando Pest Control

Contact Premium Termite & Pest Control in San Fernando to get a free quote. Whether you’re in need of residential or commercial pest control services, our specialists can identify the infestation and treat it using the proper methods. We’ll also use preventative treatments to stop a future infestation for months after we’re gone.

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