Premium Termite & Pest Control offers swift, effective residential services throughout Southern California. We serve customers in Orange County, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego and several nearby cities. Our company maintains offices in Lancaster and Long Beach, so we can quickly reach customers in many different areas. Premium provides a variety of services and treatments with results that stand the test of time.


Our knowledgeable staff carefully inspects homes for pests and recommends the most efficient solutions. We offer one-time pest control treatments as well as long-term service contracts. If you sign up for the Premium Protection Policy, our technicians will periodically visit your home and take action to keep pests at bay. There’s no additional fee if your house needs extra attention and we have to make an unscheduled service call.

Common Pests

You won’t find all that many scorpions or Norway rats, but Southern California’s climate makes it an inviting place for most other pests. For example, numerous ant species thrive in the Golden State. They range from tiny pavement ants to red imported fire ants that deliver powerful stings. Aggressive new species continue to invade California and neighboring states.

Other infestations frequently involve various insects or arachnids. Numerous homeowners report termite, cockroach and bedbug invasions. An assortment of spiders also find their way into Southern California homes. They include the dangerous desert recluse and black widow. Some homeowners experience problems with earwigs, silverfish or crickets. Wasps usually don’t infiltrate buildings in large numbers, but they endanger people by constructing nests on porches or outdoor stairways.

Rodents often take up residence in the attics or walls of local homes. Mice may appear cute, but they damage building materials, transmit diseases and carry fleas. Roof rats do the same on a larger scale. These creatures have brown or gray fur and lengthy tails. Like squirrels, they can climb quite well. Roof rats may reach buildings by crawling across utility lines or tree branches.


Premium Termite & Pest Control offers a wide range of dependable treatments. For instance, we often use fumigation to thoroughly eliminate termites. Our staff also banishes an assortment of pests with localized insecticide applications. Additionally, we employ chemical-free heat treatments to combat certain pests. The exterminators know how to safely remove insect and rodent nests as well.

When you choose Premium Termite & Pest Control, you can count on us to dispatch a skillful and trustworthy professional to your home. Staff members undergo thorough background checks and acquire the appropriate licenses. The technicians also receive ongoing education and training. We have adopted customer service and satisfaction as our top priorities. If you need help eliminating pests or preventing them from invading your home, please contact Premium for a free estimate.

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