Southern California’s fabulous climate is responsible for attracting many nuisance insects, and that can create problems for residents. Oriental cockroaches are just one of the unpleasant insects that may try to make your home their own. Here at Premium Termite and Pest Control, we’ve put together a few facts to help you understand what you’re dealing with if this type of roach invades your space.

Identification of Oriental Cockroaches

These are big cockroaches, and both males and females are capable of growing to over a full inch in length. Often confused with the common water bug, this type of roach appears to be a dark brown or a shiny black in color. The males sport long wings, and the females have small wings just behind their head. Oriental cockroaches are incapable of taking flight despite the presence of their wings.

Where Oriental Cockroaches are Found

In many cases, these roaches prefer to live outdoors. They may begin life in your yard beneath stones, in leaf litter or in the mulch in landscape beds. When they decide to move indoors, they’ll come in beneath the thresholds of doors or gaps in the siding. You’ll most likely notice them in any area of your home that may be moist, dark and undisturbed, and basements, laundry rooms and the area under sinks are favorite hiding places. They normally only come out at night.

Dangers of Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches enjoy hanging around unsanitary places that include sewers and garbage cans, and they carry the filth from these areas to your family’s food supply, your kitchen counters and any areas where they may roam inside of your home. These roaches are capable of contaminating large quantities of food, and this leaves your family at risk for such health concerns as salmonella and E.coli. Oriental cockroaches also produce an odor that may cause allergy and asthma symptoms to become worse in sensitive persons.

Proper Methods of Eradicating Oriental Cockroaches

While you may be able to kill a few adult roaches with a direct hit from an over-the-counter pesticide spray, it won’t address the full problem. Oriental cockroaches often present a challenge when it comes to eliminating them because they spread out their living areas and their egg deposits in dozens of locations throughout your home. The technicians from a professional pest-control company are trained to find every roach hideout, and they’ll use special baits that eliminate every last roach.

Quality Pest Control Available

Oriental cockroaches are nothing that you want in your home, and area residents are welcome to contact us here at Premium Termite and Pest Control for a free quote today to have them eradicated. An appointment may be made through our Long Beach office or at our Lancaster office. Just give us a call, and we’ll get busy solving any pest-control issue that you’re dealing with.

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