The glitz and glam of North Hollywood doesn’t extend to the neighborhoods where residents enjoy the finer things in life, such as backyard barbecues and kicking back after work. Southern California offers plenty of sunshine and great weather not only for residents but also for pest insects and rodents. They infest living spaces across the area and ruin happy homes on every block. Premium Termite & Pest Control has the solution for nuisance pests in your North Hollywood home or business.

Residential Pest Control

Your home is a place in which to rest after a long day and to spend time with your family. You shouldn’t have to fight with roaches, rodents or other pests when you get home. Silverfish, ants, wasps and other pests make life uncomfortable for people in their homes, and many over-the-counter treatments only cover up the problem. We’ll inspect for and eliminate any pest infestation in your home and prevent a reinfestation in the future.

Commercial Pest Control

Pest insects and rodents threaten hotels, restaurants and other businesses in North Hollywood each day. They sneak through cracks and crevices and infest the interior, spreading diseases and preventing customers from returning. Our pest control professionals will perform inspections in and around your business, treat an existing infestation and apply preventative treatments to stop pests from re-entering and ruining your business.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs spread quickly once they’re inside homes, schools, hotels and other buildings. They feed on blood and can easily hide out of sight in bedding, furniture, carpets and other spots. These bloodsuckers latch onto luggage and other belongings and get transported from place to place. Our certified technicians can treat bed bugs and their eggs after one visit, as well as create a custom program to help prevent another infestation from happening in the days, weeks and months that follow.

Termite Control

Termites feed on most any wood source, from patio furniture to cedar siding. They live together in large colonies and can quickly increase their numbers if they’re left untreated. These insects do more damage than carpenter ants do since they consume the wood as they expand into a structure. Our experienced technicians will conduct a complete inspection and treat the termites with the latest and most effective products.

North Hollywood Pest Control

Contact Premium Termite & Pest Control to get a free quote on each of our services. Whether you’re dealing with cockroaches at home or bed bugs in a hotel, our technicians have the knowledge to treat the infestation correctly in one visit. We can even create and set up a customized routine program that’s based on your needs, giving you a pest-free home or business in North Hollywood throughout the year.

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