Lakewood – a wonderful place in which to live, work and play in sunny California. The climate here makes it the ideal spot for those who enjoy warm temperatures year-round. Unfortunately, this city also attracts pest insects as they remain active and infiltrate homes throughout the year. Whether it’s earwigs or spiders, your home is always under attack from various pests. Premium Termite and Pest Control can help eliminate the problem and give you a pest-free home this year.

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Earwigs have a bad reputation for crawling into a person’s ears and boring directly into the brain. These pests don’t crawl into your ears at night or penetrate your brain when you’re asleep. It’s a myth that started hundreds of years ago and has stuck around in modern times. An earwig has a long, slender body with two pincers at the rear. Its alienlike appearance is what causes its reputation and misunderstood nature.

When earwigs invade homes, they may attack fruits and vegetables that are left out on the counter. They’re also predatory creatures, oftentimes feeding on smaller insects. They will seek shelter in bathrooms and kitchens and crawl along countertops, walls and ceilings. Though these pests don’t bite or sting, they may pinch you if they’re mishandled or provoked.


House crickets are small and brown and can survive in homes without the need to venture outside. These insects can and may bite you if you mishandle them; however, their bites rarely break the skin. They will breed throughout the year inside your home, causing a massive infestation in only a few months. They hide out in dark, moist spaces such as beneath the cabinets or near plumbing pipes.

House crickets feed on fabric like clothing and upholstery, causing holes and other unnecessary damage to your personal belongings. If they’re not controlled quickly, a few crickets can turn into dozens in a short time. They will also keep you up at night as they chirp loudly when they’re ready to mate.


Spiders belong outdoors where they can help to control the pest population. However, these eight-legged creatures often venture indoors and create webs in the corners of your room. Some spiders hang out in plain sight whereas others hide in cracks and crevices and come out at night. Not all spiders are venomous, but those like the brown recluse can cause infections and pose a dangerous risk to your health.

It’s important to deal with a spider infestation right away. These arachnids will continue to breed while they’re indoors and spread the population from room to room. Even nonvenomous spiders can cause itchy bite marks and welts, so it’s a good idea to have a professional treat the pests before they get out of hand.

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Contact Premium Termite and Pest Control to schedule a pest inspection in your home. Earwigs, crickets, spiders and other pest insects make life difficult for homeowners in Lakewood. These pests and others invade homes in search of food and shelter. Once they’re inside, they make their nests in out-of-the-way areas like crawlspaces and wall corners and will breed for months. Our technicians can eradicate a full-blown infestation and prevent other pests from causing future problems.

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