Pest Control Hidden Hills, CA

houseSunny Southern California – a haven for movie stars and everyday residents alike. Hidden Hills sits to the west of Los Angeles, giving people a place to avoid the congestion of the big city. Though residents might escape from the noise and the traffic, they can't get very far from the pests. Whether it's ants or roaches, pest insects enjoy the sunny weather just as much as the people do. Premium Termite & Pest Control wants to eliminate your pest problems and make life better for you in The Golden State.

Residential Pest Control

Residents in Hidden Hills should be able to enjoy their backyards without pests ruining their fun. Ants have a tendency to sniff out food and drinks and to turn a picnic into an annoying event. Some pests invade living spaces, such as roaches and rodents, which breed behind the walls and spread to other parts of the house.

Premium pest control technicians deal with pests of all types and know how to treat each one appropriately. We'll inspect your home for invasive insects, apply the correct treatments to combat the problem and take preventative steps to keep them out.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses need to provide a pest-free experience to customers on a daily basis. Whether it's bed bugs in a hotel or roaches in a restaurant, customers will spread the word quickly if they see even one bug in the establishment. A pest infestation can prevent customers from coming to your business, hurting your profits and leading to health code violations in some cases.

Our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your business and report back with their findings. We'll eliminate the pests on the spot, apply preventative treatments and create a routine program to stop them from returning.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs spread quickly from place to place and infest everything from taxis and buses to hotels and schools. It's easy to pick up and to transport bed bugs back to your home without your knowledge. Once they're inside, they hide in furniture and bedding and feed on your blood. Our technicians specialize in bed bug control and can thoroughly treat your interior space, eliminating the bugs and their eggs.

Termite Control

Termites feed on wood and attack businesses and homes throughout Hidden Hills. These wood-dwelling insects cause massive damage and can weaken a structure within a few months. They attack any wooden structure on a property and continue to grow the colony until it's impossible to treat with do-it-yourself products.

We provide termite control services to eliminate termites at the source, stopping them from doing further damage to your home or business. We can also pretreat your property and provide routine maintenance to prevent a reinfestation.

Premium Pest Control Services in Hidden Hills

Contact Premium Termite & Pest Control in Hidden Hills for a free estimate, and talk with our professional staff to set up an appointment and an inspection. We'll eliminate nuisance pests on your property and preventatively treat the interior and the exterior to keep them from coming back.