Whether you manage a warehouse or own an office building in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County or Ventura County, California, you’re bound to deal with pests at some point.

Premium’s pest control provides multi-step service that takes care of critters like rodents, roaches and flying insects. We’ll prevent them from entering the building in the first place.

However, pests that have already entered must be dealt with properly. We’ll treat the areas where pests commonly hide and get rid of those that have made their way into your space already.

After we address any acute problems, we’ll come up with a long-term strategy for pest control. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all program. We assess the needs of your specific commercial property and go from there.

Your program may involve extermination, physical barriers, traps and regular inspections. We’ll advise you about how to avoid attracting pests and apply pest control agents periodically.

Business can’t run smoothly if you’re dealing with an infestation or insect problem. Termites, spiders, ants, silverfish and roaches can cause anything from a minor interruption in a work cycle to structural damage. A minor pest issue can get out of control quickly. We’ll deal with that so that you don’t have to.


To rid your workspace of roaches, we’ll use an integrated solution that creates a barrier at their entry points. We will target the areas where roaches like to hide and set traps to capture those that are already living in your building.


Spiders are not easily targeted with pest-control sprays. We’ll investigate the areas where the spiders may be entering, because treating those cracks and openings is the best way to keep them away. We may also set traps to capture existing spiders.


Termites are abundant in Southern California. If you don’t continue to treat them, they will return. We’ll monitor your facility for termites and treat the building. We can also repair termite damage.

If your pest problem returns in between regularly scheduled maintenance, just give us a call. We’ll come back for an additional treatment at no extra cost to you.

We feel just as strongly about customer service as we do about getting rid of pests. Our treatment will be tailored to your needs, and it’s our mission to keep you satisfied. We take the health and safety of our customers seriously. Our extensively trained, licensed staff is knowledgeable and skilled. Most importantly, they are happy to help you.

Call Premium for a free service quote. We want to hear what’s going on with the pest control needs in your Southern California business. Let us know so that we can take the problem off your hands.

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