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Tips For Your Labor Day Barbecues

Labor Day is supposed to be a day off for working people, but sometimes holiday cookouts can be anything but relaxing. We have a few tips to make your Labor Day barbecue easier on you and more fun for your guests.

Tip #1: Shop Curbside

Grocery stores everywhere are now offering curbside grocery pickup, and your Labor Day grocery list will be especially long if you're entertaining a crowd. Choose a store now and start filling your virtual cart. Make sure you have enough condiments, which is something you may not buy frequently. Buying paper plates, cups and disposable utensils makes post-party clean-up much easier. When the holiday weekend arrives, simply whip out your debit or credit card and hit "place order." Customers new to curbside pickup can often score discounts for trying the store's service.

Tip #2: Make a Cleaning Schedule

Rather than spending half the holiday weekend cleaning your house, patio and grill, spend a little time each day preparing. You'll enjoy the celebration so much more if you're not exhausted when it begins. Go ahead and move chairs and tables wherever you will want them on the day of the party. If you feel you may be short on chairs, don't be shy about asking to borrow from your neighbors. Many will be attending cookouts elsewhere and will be happy to help. Just be sure to extend an invitation to your barbecue as well.

Tip #3: Prep Ahead of Time

Everyone knows this is a good idea, but it's easier said than done. You can chop vegetables in advance and prepare cold salads. You can also start beans or one of your other side dishes in the slow cooker the night before the event. Spend a little time preparing a list of chores for every member of the family. Sometimes it's the little tasks we forget or put off that make party day so stressful. Suggestions for children's chore lists include setting tables, filling coolers with ice, and clearing bikes and outside toys from the yard. If you have an older child you trust with the assignment, have them create a music playlist. You can approve the final song selection before the big day.

Tip #4: Ward Off Uninvited Guests

Spraying your home and yard for crickets and ants makes the party more enjoyable for everyone. Keep flies and mosquitoes at bay with food covers and a few citronella candles for the big day. Call a reputable pest control company in your area, such as Premium Termite and Pest Control to address any wasps nests or problematic wildlife, such as squirrels or mice. Premium Termite and Pest Control can even repair any previous termite damage so your home is in perfect condition when guests arrive. 

Remember, Labor Day is supposed to be a day of rest, even for party hosts and hostesses. Start preparing today for a holiday full of fun, fellowship and relaxation. 

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