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Price Isn’t Everything - How to Compare Bids for Field Work

When you have a pest control issue that requires the services of an outside company, it's natural to want to get more than one estimate so you can compare them before choosing the one that's right for you. The problem is that sometimes sorting through multiple bids can be a daunting and confusing process. How, exactly, can you know which company is actually offering you the most bang for your buck? What should you look for to know that you're making the right choice?

These are very important questions that you need to ask before choosing. Thankfully, we can help you sort through the mess to pick the right bid for your fieldwork.

1) Focus on the Services -- not the Bottom Line

Of course, when you start to look at bids, it's natural to focus on how much it's going to cost. But only looking at that bottom line is dangerous short-term thinking, because it fails to take into account the services being provided, which can vary greatly from bid to bid. Rather than only thinking with your wallet, take some time to look at the services included in the proposal to determine what you are getting, what's necessary, and what you can live without. A cheaper bid might look nice, but if it omits essential services, you're just going to end up spending more down the road to make that up. On the other hand, an overly comprehensive bid might end charge you a lot of money for services you don;t necessarily need.

2) Do Your Homework

Once you've started to narrow it down, do some research to find out what the bid doesn't tell you -- what sort of history and reputation does the company have? While it may not show up on a written bid, a company's reliability is a vital part of any business dealing, as it will determine whether or not the bid you've received is even worth what's on paper, much less what they're asking you to pay.

3) Make Sure the Bid Includes a Guarantee

It is vital that the bid itself includes some sort of language that will address the company's obligation should things go wrong. If this isn't included, then there's nothing to stop the company from tacking on extra fees later on, should a problem arise, and more services are required to get the job done right. A guarantee written into the bid is one way to protect yourself from this happening.

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