Make no mistake about it, Southern California is a fantastic place to live. One thing we are not so crazy about is t ant infestations. Ants can invade every part of your home and business, making life miserable. Most people do not know they have an infestation until it is too late. Let’s take a look at some great tips on how to spot an ant infestation.

An Increase in Ant Nests in and Around Your Yard

If you notice more ant nests than usual in your yard or close to the base of your home, prepare yourself for a possible ant invasion. These pests will use any crack or crevice they can squeeze through if they know your home will provide food and shelter. 

If You See Ants in or Near Pet Bowls or Other Food Sources

If you have outdoor pets, clean their food bowls regularly and keep food stored inside. Any food that is left out will attract ants almost immediately. The next thing you know, your pet’s food bowl is crawling with them. 

Ants on Kitchen Tables, Floors and Windows

Even if you only see two or three ants crawling around on your kitchen table or work surfaces, odds are there is probably more. The ants have found a way into your home and they mean to stay no matter how much you object to it. If you see a trail of them heading for a window, check for possible cracks or a hole in the window frame or glass.

Strange Bites and Scratches

If you experience unusual marks on your skin just from sitting on the couch or other furniture, you could have an ant infestation going on. Ants love to scour your furniture for food crumbs. Although most ants will not bite, a bite from a fire ant can cause redness, itching, swelling and pain.  

How Premium Termite and Pest Control Can Help Get You Ant Infestation Under Control

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