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Everything You Need to Know About Termites

Termites have voracious appetites and literally eat non-stop. Think about your house. That’s an amazing amount of damage that can be done in a short amount of time, depending on the size of the infestation.

Termites have strong, saw-like jaws allowing them to chew wood at a rapid speed. Each colony has a king and queen who mate for life, and the queen can live for more than 20 years. Her primary function is to produce more termites on a daily basis.

Are you concerned? Every state in the United States has termites except Alaska. There are three main types of home-damaging termites in the USA — Subterranean, Drywood and Dampwood. Depending on where you live, one or more types of termites are present.

How to Identify a Problem

Often homeowners will miss some of the initial warning signs. Though they live in colonies, termites are tiny and often go undetected. Here are some signs that you may have them:

  • Discarded wings from young male and female termites. This usually occurs after the last frost in spring. Look near doors or windows. The young, mating termites drop their wings as they enter your home to start a new colony.
  • Mud tubes. You will most likely find these near your home’s foundation. These are mud tubes the termites build to travel in and protect them from predators.
  • Wood damage. Termites eat the wood of your home from the inside out. If you tap the wood and it sounds hollow, there are probably termites.
  • Blistering or uneven paint. This is a sign of moisture build-up that can mean termites.

It’s recommended that homeowners do an inspection every six months. Examine your home’s perimeter, foundation, windows, doors, attic and crawl spaces. Considerable damage can occur to your property from termites.

If You Suspect Termites in Your Home

If you believe you have termites — or maybe just want the peace of mind of knowing you don’t — arrange for an inspection. The termites aren’t leaving your house. And trying to tackle the problem on your own is not an effective solution.

As mentioned, termites do not sleep and are consuming around the clock every day of the week. This is worrisome to any property owner. At Premium Termite and Pest Control, we know you want to protect your home as best possible. After our free initial inspection, we will suggest a termite control treatment plan that keeps your family and pets as safe as possible. With offices in Long Beach and Lancaster, we provide professional, licensed services throughout many cities in Southern California. Contact Premium Termite and Pest Control to resolve your termite concerns today.

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