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If you think you’ve seen every kind of insect alive, you’re probably wrong. The family Dermaptera includes the earwig, a small, wingless insect that is related to cockroaches.  If you’ve ever touched an earwig, you’ll know it: they pinch! Earwigs live all around the world, in both tropical and temperate climates. While they’re only about one inch… Read more »

There is a great misconception that cockroaches are only found in homes that are run down or dirty. Nothing could be more wrong. Cockroaches are believed to be in 63 percent of homes in the United States. With so many infestations, there has to be another explanation. Here are a few ways that cockroaches can get into your home. … Read more »

Globally, mice and rats spread over 35 diseases. These pests also contaminate food and water sources, leave foul odors, rapidly breed and shred or destroy objects. No one wants these tiny creatures in their homes. Luckily, there are many ways to make sure they stay out. Check out these pest control tips for rats and mice.  Tip#1:… Read more »

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